of Schallerscher Erbenhof

The former Palais Bernstorff emerged as three-winged farmstead, using older foundations, the early 18th century and is now known as Schallerscher Erbenhof.

The single monument of a Baroque town house was built as a representative residential building of the Countess von Bernstorff and then included an ornamental garden, which reached up to the present Schützengasse.

Only since the site clearance of war damage, it can also be seen from the Frauentorstraße.

The complete renovation in 2002 resulted in a modern new building on the western courtyard. The courtyard impressed since then by his stately dimension that still breathes tranquility and intimacy.

Among the most famous owners of the house were Caritas Emilie Countess von Bernstorff, the widow of the Danish Minister and Oberhofmeisterin Ottilie Countess Henkel von Donnersmarck.

Today, the magnificent city palace is also home to our restaurant.
We can think of nothing better than to live within these walls the next, for which they were made.

Enjoyment, rest and relaxation